Please read carefully: EDITORS POLICY


We strongly recommend that readers/writers read this carefully before submitting or before sending us any email:

  1. There is no fast track for article publication because all submitted manuscripts must go through a peer-review process.

  2. All information regarding focus and scope, peer-review process, publication schedule, publication costs is available in the About the Journal section, so we will not reply to any questions related to this.

  3. Manuscripts to be published must be submitted through this OJS (not via email) at least 2 months before the publication schedule (maximum January for the March issue, and August for the October issue).

  4. If before the 2 month deadline the article quota for one issue has been met (maximum 25 articles per issue), then the next submitted manuscript will be considered for review in the next issue.

  5. Priority for published manuscripts is assessed based on the order of submission, novelty of the study, speed of revision and payment, as well as the distribution of institutions and regions of origin of the authors.

  6. If there are 2 or more manuscripts submitted by the same author (either as first author or subsequent author), then only one of the manuscripts will enter the review stage.

  7. Authors are expected to monitor the status of articles via this OJS web and check spam inboxes/emails regularly if the article has entered the review stage.

  8. Please enter your contact number in the Bio Statement in the profile section to facilitate communication.

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